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Long life, economic, decorative and aqoustic performance can be increased by several perforation types


  • Durable at moist or steamy environments.
  • Stain proof, easy cleaning
  • Decorative several designs
  • Higher light reflection value.
  • Ventilation, sound systems, lighting and anti-fire equipment is applicable
  • More aqoustic value and decorative view can be achieved by several perforation choices



StandardsDIN EN 13501-1
Material; Gypsum Board 
Perforation; Only in acoustic pannels
Pannel Kenar Detayları; Flat and tegular 
Pannel Size; According to project 600x600 mm 
Pannel Thickness; 8 mm or 9,50 mm.

Carrier Sistem; Corrosion resistant, roll formed hot dip galvanised steel, homojen, A1 Class Fire Rated.

Product; White


1.T24 Main Carrier

2.T24 Cross Carrier

3.T24 Cross Carrier

4.Side L/Z Profile

5. Hanger Wire

6. Double Spring

7. Steel Anchor

8. Self Tapping Screw