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Baffle ceilings are made of linear pannels connected to their special carriers. It is possible to get island type ceiling with using only the carrier system, seperate from side walls. Linear ceilings provide decorative look and not narrowing the atmosphere It is possible to produce in special dimensions with contrast view.

Specifications ;

  • Producing in several different dimensions are possible vertically and between centers of lamels.
  • Provides different look and volume to room, comparing other suspended ceiling systems.
  • Simple linear look
  • Several colours are available including wood looking pannels
  • Economicby local applications.
  • Connection is easy and fast applications.



Prosista Vectoral Ceilings are made of vertically hanged different size of pannels. Installation is easy and fast by the special lock system on carrier profiles. Can be painted at any RAL colour, several lenghts and dimensions are available. Pannel heights and the distance between them may change to get different designs