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PROSİSTA Suspended Ceiling Panels, are being produced with aluminium or hot dip galvanised steel sheets, they are corrosion resistant, homogen, A1 class fire rated and available with any electrostatic painted RAL colour. Panels come with several sizes, thickness and they may have perforated or flat surfaces depending on requirement. They have several finishings for different types of carrier profiles.

There is aqoustic fabric inside perforated panels. These panels can be used without fabric up on request.

Application Areas; PROSİSTA Suspended Ceiling Systems are being used at work places and hosues' rooms, corridors, waiting lounges, kitchens and bathrooms, at restaurants, banks, hospitals and hotels, sports centers with wide ceilings and specific requirements, gas stations, malls and individual shops, public areas like airports, subway stations, at industrial buildings like factories. 

Specifications of Metal Suspended Ceiling,

• Long life by the material quality

• Vivid long life colours by the electrostatic painting

• Available as anti-bacterial painted for clean rooms.

• Higher moisture resistant comparing other ceiling systems

• Aqoustic feature by perforation and aqoustic fabric.

• A1 class fire rated

• Not brings extra weight to buildings, with light design

• Compatible to covers several insallations like electricity, piping and air condition.

• Easy installation and disassembling. Give easier reach to previous installations. Provides savings from labour and time.



Ø 0,7 mm Extra Micro Perforation %2,4 empty

Ø 1,5 mm Micro Perforation %22 empty

Ø 1,8 mm Micro Perforation %21 empty

Ø 2,5 mm Standard Perforation %16 empty




PROSİSTA Metal Ceiling Panels are available as full perforated, perforated with 5 or 10 cm borders or flat types.

Full Perforation

5 cm Border

10 cm Border

Flat Surface



Perforated Metal Pannel Sound Insulation




* PROSISTA - Clip in Metal Suspended Ceiling Pannels; have an esthetic view and fully suitable with PROSISTA CLIP IN Omega Carrier Profiles, that are hidden after installation. When being used with PROSISTA H profiles, provides equally levelled suspended ceiling and saves from labour and consume of accessories.

* Metal Suspended Ceiling System; According to Turkish Standard “Suspended Ceilings – Requirements and Test Methods”, our profiles' load carrying capacity is tested with 'Metal Suspended Ceiling Profile Bending Test' and carried 16,5 kgs on 1.000mm sample and achieved succesful performance with less than 0,15 mm. curve. Prosista Metal Panel is classified as high quality material.

* PROSISTA Clip In Metal Pannels; 60x60 cm, 0,70mm thickness, minimum 70 microns electrostatic (polyester based) powder coated, with or without aqoustic fabric inside, perforated or flat aluminium sheets (EN AW 3000 series) suitable to hidden carrier system.



Clip-in System Carrier and Accessories Unit/m² Analyse



600x600 mm 300x300 mm


Clip-in Omega Profile

2,50 m.

3,60 m.


Clip-in Side U Profile

0,50 m.

0,70 m.


Clip-in Hook

0,70 pcs.

0,70 pcs.


Clip-in Spring Clips

1,50 pcs.

3,00 pcs.


Clip-in Ceiling Liner Connector

0,50 pcs.

0,50 pcs.


Clip-in Perimeter Ffixing Spring

1,00 pcs.

2,00 pcs.


Hanger Wire 600 mm

0,70 pcs.

0,70 pcs.


Steel Anchor

0,70 pcs.

0,70 pcs.






Side "U" Profile

Omega Profile

H Profile



• TS-EN-13964-04   • ISO 14001   • ISO 9001  • CE   • ISO 18001

Material: Pannels are made of corrosion resistant aluminium or hot dip galvanised steel that homogen, A1 Class Fire Resistant, with min. 70 microns of electrostatic polyester powder coated.

Perforation: Panels are available as flat (no perforation), full perforated, perforated with 5 or 10 cm borders.

Perforation hole diameters: Holes are 2,5 mm as standard and give %16 total perforation, any requested diameters are possible. 

Aqoustic Performance: Alpha-w / NRC 0,70 with the aqoustic 0,2 mm thick fire proof fabric inside.

Carrier System: Roll formed, corrosion resistant hot dip galvanised homogen, A1 Class Fire Resistant steel

Maximum Curve;

According to standard TSE-EN-13964 “Suspended Ceilings – Requirements and Test Methods” for metal suspended ceiling pannels, maximum curve should be 0,05mm after 28 days under load.

Carrier system: According to standard TSE-EN-13964 our profiles' load carrying capacity is tested and achieved the load carrying performance with less than 0,2 mm. curve,


Profiles and Accessories;

1. Omega Profile

2. U/H Profile

3. Omega Coupler

4. Spring Clips

5. Ceiling liner connector

6. Perimeter fixing spring

7. Hanger wire

8. Steel Anchor

Material Colour

Pannels : RAL 9016 White as Standard or any requested RAL colour.

Carriers: Prosista special colours, RAL 9016 white as standard or any requested RAL colour.


MONTAGE 600 X 600mm:

1- Levelling of suspended ceiling should be determined with a gap not less than 15 cm from the original ceiling.

2- Side profiles should be fixed to wall. (Distance between screws can be 40 cm max.)

3- Installation plan should be prepared carefully, considering the ceiling area could be tilted etc. For the proper view, suggested that the side panels should be cut not less than 30 cm.




4a- After determining the right fixing points for suspension hangers, suitable anchors are fixed with 120cm gaps to carry the main carrier Clip In omega profiles. Then main carrier omega profiles are being attached to hangers, flat sides down. (joint points up).


4b- Then the omega profiles that carrying the pannels, are being connected to those main carriers (4a), joint points down, with the help of omega coupler.


5- Metal pannels are being installed to carrier omega profiles (4b) with a little pressure by the connection points. If re-resizing is necessary, they can be cut with appropriate tools. Any resized pannels are being fixed to side U or H profiles by the help of spring fixer.